Happendon Services M74

Operated by Cairn Lodge, on the M74 between junctions J11-12 in South Lanarkshire

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Callaed in here yesterday as there was an accommodation sign, turns out there wasn't just what you need when you are tired suggest you change your sign, totally depressing place

Craig Harbison, 20 September 2014

Disgracefully overpriced. Three burgers (of the cheapest kind plus a few overcooked oven chips a coffee and a hot chocolate came to £28.48. Shocking! Avoid this place like the plague.

anonymous, 23 August 2014

I worked here for years. The place is dreadful, the treatment of employees is disgusting and the owners are ignorant pigs not to mention dysfunctional! Unhappy, disgraceful place! Don't treat their staff like human beings! Leaving the place is best choice I have ever made.

anonymous, 10 August 2014

Avoid! Go to Abington Services or wait for new Route 74 truck stop to open. This place is disgusting!

Andrews, 7 August 2014

Spent ages waiting to b served to discover it was 10.50 for 3 cold rolls n bacon .it had took that long to b served between the hot food counter and the till the rolls were cold and extremely over priced and tasted like rubber.wont b using these services again can't wait for route 74 to open.

F tait, 2 August 2014

To sup up in one sentence - worst service station in all of the UK.

Walters, 28 July 2014

Stopped here twice and both times we were served food that had been sitting out on a hot plate for at least several hours. The food was tasteless and burnt. (wouldn't even feed it to my pets) The staff were relatively friendly, shame the female manager wasn't. The toilets were unclean and messy, the shop was overpriced and everything else was below standard. I 100% recommend you to keep on driving.

Suzanne, 23 July 2014

Looks lovely & welcoming from the outside but don't let this fool you. Inside is dated, overpriced & run down. Staff uniforms were filthy & unattractive, attitude of restaurant manager was disgraceful. Do not recommend this service station to anyone. Give the place a shake or shut it down!

Ross, 21 July 2014

I stopped at the service station and my experience was terrible the staff looked dull and unhappy when i walked in 1 of your staff was standing outside smoking a cigarette which i later found out was 1 of your managers which is degrading to see as you are walking in and then proceeded to come in and and serve at the hot food counter without washing there hands! in my eyes this is disgusting!!!! Food is way over priced and to be honest does not taste great either no wonder the place is so quiet and and empty

Mrs hamilton, 23 April 2014

Owner/manager Donna Hood should be ashamed of herself. The place is falling to bits, food is over priced and the poor staff look so unhappy, but may I say are very helpful. Reading over the comments I would be embarrassed for people to know that I was person who ran this place. I spoke to the owner regarding my disappointment with the facilities and large bill for a small lunch and felt that my concerns went over her head. Very rude, unhelpful, lacking in professionalism and far from management material. Pity help the staff. I imagine the more people who visit this less than appealing rest area, and the more visitors experience this disgusting treatment, it will be closed in a couple of months due to dwindling profits. Maybe the owner will sit up and notice then.

irrate, disgruntled and annoyed paying customer, 25 September 2013

Possibly the worst services in GB. Roads and signage bad.Smashed window at entrance. Stalls in toilets out of order and no toilet paper. Shop poorly stocked and expensive. Generally dark and dismal. Quick toilet stop but never again! Does this place have any management?

youngie, 19 August 2013

Couldn,t agree more with Ash,s comments ,the greasiest breakfast you could ever eat.

anonymous, 14 August 2013

Me and my partner stopped here after a 10 hour drive,
We had two english breakfasts and two drinks costing almost £17
The breakfast was most certainly the worst I have ever eaten.
I couldn't be paid to eat at happendon services again.
We were both sick that day having eaten from here.

Ash, 13 August 2013

Found by accident, great Staff.

Will be stoping again when we pass again.

Rob, 11 August 2013

The staff at this services are extremely helpful and friendly and the food was pretty good too

anonymous, 6 July 2013

The staff at the customer front line and behind the scenes give 100%

anonymous, 2 April 2013

Called here for a coffee on Thursday, and wished we had not wasted our time and money doing so! Only one other couple there in a dark and gloomy area. Coffee poor, toilets dreadful, car park like a battlefield. Do the management ever inspect? I would not wish to return here ever, especially after visited, for example, Tebay, which is what every service area should be like.

Duff, 25 March 2013

A truly awful service area. Avoid like the plague!

S SHARPE, 11 March 2013

Visited twice in mid-February 2013. On both occasions ate in the restaurant, service was excellent and food was fresh and (relatively) low-priced.

Andy, 14 February 2013

In the past we have always used these Services but no longer. There has been a gradual deterioroation over the past 2/3 years and we will be using Abingdon in future. We called in last Saturday on our way back from Scotland. The entrance and exit roads resemble a hard standing off road course and have done so for over 12 months now. There is no official area desingnated for dog walking although there is at Abingdon and Tebay and if we are expected to use the sloping embankment steps up should be provided. We then went in to the toilet area. The stench of stale urine was overpowering and the cleaning lady who was wandering aimlessly in and out of the Gents with her cleaning materials was making no impression. Several of the stalls in both Gents and Ladies were Out of order. We were very concerned to see the cleaning lady come out of the Gents and walk over to the coffee machine that was open being refilled by a young man and she leaned her mop up against the open door of the machine and proceeded to assit the young man with his refilling. God knows if she had even washed her hands between cleaning the toilets and filling the coffee machine. We decided to eat in the restaurant which had in the past been a little quiet oasis of calm. It was on Saturday - we were the only customers in and this was 1.30 lunchtime. The sandwiches, which in the past were out of the ordinary were boring cheese, ham, egg etc. The only thing not boring was the price and these lay like lead in our stomachs until we got home and the lukewarm Americano and Latte were one black coffee and one white both instant. Really if they are going to charge those prices for that quality of food they should kit their staff out in masks and a three cornered hat. Then at least you know you are being robbed. We asked if the manager was available and told "Nah shis on lunch"

Bryce Goulding, 19 November 2012

Avoid, avoid, avoid, stopped here on the way back to Cumbria from Glasgow Airport on 5th Aug 2012. 5 People looking for a decent breakfast & a good cuppa. BIG MISTAKE. Food aweful,seemed like days old (no wonder, with the place so empty) and to top it all freezing cold. We ended up having to ask for it to be microwaved! If it was not for the fact that we had just got off an eight hour flight and spent soooooo much money(food very very over priced) we would have walked away.


unhappy holidayer, 4 September 2012

I called in to the services yesterday 20/06/2012 firstly to put in fuel to get me to my destination. For a Motorway services I thought the fuel was of a reasonalbe cost being a whole 9p per litre (41p per gallon in old money!!!) cheaper than the fuel station at Bothwell that I had to meet someone at.
On my return journey I decided to pull into the same service area to use the loo, this was clean and ok. I also decided to call in the shop as a small thankyou for the facilites but was horrified at the prices. One small normal packet of crisps would set you back £1.05 and a 330ml can of coke a mighty £1.15 (I later bought a pack of 6 at Forton services for £2.99). At these prices I decided to pass.
I know serivces are always expensive, but at these prices I would never buy anything and expect them to go broke in not too much more time.

Gordon Mallett, 21 June 2012

what is the point of having a motorway SERIVES that do not provide toilets 24 hours as a truck driver and work through the night i needed to take my break as required by law on approaching the main building to find it closed so i then went to the petrol station but as i tried to enter found the doors locked and was told by the guy inside that it was not company policy to let people in to use the facilities??? so much for services (i thought it was part of there licence to provide basic needs 24 hours obviously not) no wonder the place is quiet and run down if basic needs cannot be provided, i will from now on pass these services to either one of there rivals and re-fuel the truck and myself in future.

andy, 13 June 2012

I am very concerned at the state of the roads within the Services area. Very large potholes you have to swerve to avoid or brake suddenly, causing potential hazard to traffic following.

Charlie Rigg, 13 June 2012

Was here recently and seen the oasis snack van.. Just wondering anyone got its number or if the owner would u sell??

David wylie, 12 June 2012

Visited on 5/3/12, nice and clean, friendly staff, decent priced, well cooked meal. Would visit again.

Josh F, 6 March 2012

Do you sell lpg? If you do but don't mention it you are following a lot of your competitors but that,s not a lot of help to gas powered drivers.

Ian Reid, 30 January 2012

Where to start with Happendon Services? Thought I could get home from Scotch Corner in one move and realised I needed to stop between Abington and Happendon. I've been to cleaner and friendlier services. The building is particularly uninviting. I cannot comment on the staff or value for money as I couldn't find staff or anything open apart from the toilets. From a look through the shutters I took the place being closed to indicate that it was a good day there.

Sheriff of Hong Kong, 15 November 2011

As a regular user of the M74, I have the pleasure of needing to frequent the delightful and charming surroundings of Happendon Services - Cairn Lodge. As i drive blissfully over the rolling hills on the M74, a sudden urge will often overcome me - as if sent from a higher being - that forces me to stop at this wonderful obode. Really, my luck is in at this moment. As you saunter off the main carriageway and along the natural crumbling tarmac you approach possibly the finest service station in the whole empire. As you make your way across the spacious car park you will spot the beautifully crafted architecture of the building - defined by its perfectly grey / beige exterior, the doors a tinted chasm of excitemet into a wonderous world. What lies inside? Once through the doors the visitor is met with a tingling excitement by superb ambience. You will be bamboozled by choice, what to do, where to go? I need the toilet, as I have been holding this payload since I decided I could hold on past hamilton - was that a mistake? NO! As I am now forced to decide between a great choice of restaurant, shop, toilet, and arcade machine. What to do, where to go next, the choice is yours. Why not go wild and rather than sit in the delightfully themed 70's recession restaurant walk out the back door and sit in the garden and look at the patio. You will notice the lavatory facilities are second to none, and the infalted prices in the restaurant reflect the quality of food (microwaved in front of you) and service (When you find the person that works there, simply look in the shop, restaurant, or toilet).

Davy Jones, 26 October 2011

Quite possibly the worst services in Scotland.
Dirty, dark, disinterested and rude staff. Only ever ate once in the restaurant - food barely edible, and the prices were plain extortion.

Tony, 4 September 2011

Stopped in with friends on way to Loch Lomand over the bank holiday weekend, little pricey but still cheaper than a couple we had stopped in on the way up. Had a mac cheese myself which was surprisingly good, not bland like you get in other places. Hot chocolate was also the best I've tasted, far better than any starbucks or costas. Was dissapointed there was a lack of cash machine in the building but one of the staff did explain why and that we could use one at the petrol station for a charge but she did say we could use our card anywhere in the building with no minimal fee or charge, lucky considering our lack of cash! Overall would stop in again, no complaints from our group for a services it had good sized decent meals for the price and most importantly clean facilities!!!

sugar-rush, 1 September 2011

We visited the service area when on our way from Prestwick back to Lancashire, having been on the road since 6am and completeing our job we hit the cafe here approx 12.30 lunchtime, very hungry and in need of refreshment and a hot meal. We struggled to decide what to have as the display of hot meals looked a little like yesterdays food warmed up, finally we ordered Sausage and Mash with onion gravy twice and a baked potatoe with tuna and coleslaw, we were asked if we wanted gravy on our MASH and to which we said yes, we were asked if we wanted butter on the baked potatoe, yes pls. Two little sausages per plate and a huge dollop of MASH with a tablespoon of gravy was the portiont, and a fairly small potatoe with ample tuna/mayo mix, Two bottles of water and an Appletise, £25 !!!!
The sausages were rubberised and dry, they were of the pigs trotter, neck and tail type, disgusting, the gravy was just about edible so I dug into the mash, OMG it was SMASH, not even real mash potatoe, The baked potatoe was ok but only just.
We asked to see the manager, 10 mins later a lady in black arrived with a face like thunder, and we politely told her that we thought the food was way under par for the cost and it wasnt even real mash potatoe, she replied in a rather stern voice "Firstly, the prices are set by the owners and theres nothing I can do about that, the food has only been on display for 30 mins as its lunchtime and it does dry out a little under the heat lamps, secondy we are under no obligation to inform you prior to your choice that its not real mash potatoe, but theres nothing wrong with it" my friend who was with me said to her that as a matter of courtesy and to help them perhaps address the issue of why the services was almost empty at lunchtime, he wanted them to know that it was probably the worst food he had ever eaten and certainly the most expensive. "Well thats your opinion sorry you didnt enjoy your meal, bye"
Incredible to say the least. Food is rubbish, service is rubbish, prices are through the roof. Avoid like the plague.

Lee Roe, 23 August 2011

We were very disappointed with our latest visit to the services at Happendon. There was a lack of variety of food available at around five o'clock in the afternoon. When staff at the till were asked what was in some of the cakes they didn't know eg:- was there cream inside the strawberry tartlets. Surely this is something they should know. The hot food section looked as if it was shut.
There was one member of staff on duty to deal with people coming in and out and that member of staffs' atitude left a lot to be desired. This particular person attempted to tell my husband off for not listening to me when I spoke to him. The situation was my problem and not hers as my husband is hard of hearing and as I wasn't on the correct side for him to hear he geniunely couldn't hear me. The staff had no right to involve themselves in the situation.
The whole experience at Happendon was very disappointing this time and we certainly won't be back in a hurry.

Hall Family, 1 August 2011



Truckers - If you want excellent service, a home cooked meal and a few pints infront of the telly, head up the old motorway and you'll find The RedMoss Truckstop.

weegem23, 7 June 2011

I stopped at Cairn Lodge on Tue 22 Feb 2011 approx midday specifically to check the air pressure in my tyres, as my steering was loose, and as a courtesy filled my almost full tank with diesel. I asked at the desk for the location of the air service. The machine wasn't functioning and I returned to the desk for assistance. The attendant refused to speak to me. My request was overheard by a truck driver who offered help. He agreed the air service was not functioning, he also said he was disgusted with the unhelpful attitude of the staff and came back into the desk advising me to insist on the assistance of a superviser. She ill-humoredly advised there was a 2nd air service and came with us. Any motorway service station is required to provide working services specifically when they concern road safety. My front tyre pressures were 19 and 21psi when they should be 34, dangerous on a motorway, a hazard to my life and other road users. Shamefully poor service from Cairn Lodge Services. My thanks to the kind truck driver who stayed with me and offered advice. He, a professional driver, said Cairn Lodge staff were seriously in the wrong.

Vivienne Young, 24 February 2011

Dear God, the burger van in this place has to have gold plated wheels judging by the prices the dour faced englishman charges for a very poor cheeseburger and onions, a whoping £2.70. Needless to say I will not be back to refuel my tank ( 500litres of diesel thier loss) or my belly. Complete rip off merchants. Avoid.

jack.pearson, 13 January 2011

I put (or so I thought) £10 on my Virgin Pay as you go phone at the filling station yesterday. I don't know where it went but it didn't go on the phone! I've tried to contact the Services to complain but there is never anyone there to take a call at their general enquiries number.I've called 6 times. I will not be visiting Happendon again.

Peter Williams, 4 September 2010

Stopped off on the way back to Aberdeen from Cumbria. On approaching the main doors I thought the place was closed as the place looked as if it was in darkness. On going inside it was so gloomy, lots of the units were closed and the shutters were down. The restaurant was like something out of 1990 with blue tartan carpet, ruffled curtains and pelmets, blue metal frame triangular backed table and chair combination units; blue painted pine panelling - generally hideous. Staff appeared miserable, overly polite, but without any sincerity. Restaurant itself only had three couples in it and it was absolutely huge; big enough for a large function without the tables/chairs and the odd stone fountain in the middle of the room.

£1.99 for a scone is extortion given the flatness and size of it; £3odd for a two-sausage roll, etc. This is the type of place that harks back to the bad old days of motorway service stations; probably the worst I've visited in the many trips down to the Lake District over the last year or two. Compared to the likes of Gretna, etc, this place is decades away and needs to brush itself up.

It's off the main motorway as well and the only reason we went to it was to get fuel; a stop we won't make again.

CP74, 8 May 2010

Food was expensive,restaurant dark and unwelcoming, toilets generally clean, gift shop moderately interesting, staff didn't look happy.

fisheye, 29 April 2010

Stopped there yesterday on my way from Dumfries to Aberdeen...my poor car got all shook up on the roads into the service station, watch out for the unmissible potholes and foot wide cracks across the road! Was the only person in the place, went into the shop and was rudely served by an unpleasant lady who made out that I was "disturbing her and she had more important stuff to do" I'm sorry but when you work in a shop surely serving a customer is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you should be doing...the toilets were OK, most were out of order but they were clean and didn't smell horrible

Callum, 10 December 2009

Remote and unwelcoming - rubbish.

Jim Bob, 10 November 2009

We travel back from NW Scotland each year and always stop here. The staff, cleanliness and service are second to none. The assistant who served us our bacon rolls said it was her first day. Well done to her! Keep up the good work! Carol Hulse Leicestershire

Carol Hulse, 18 September 2009

I would like to thank the staff in the restuarant at the services for your kindness and understanding when I had to wait there for nearly six hours when we broke down on Monday 31st August 2009. Thankyou for the drinks for my two grandsons aged five and putting up with my son daughter-in-law and myself.
Thankyou to everyone once again

Jamie and Marian Nisbet

Marian Nisbet, 3 September 2009

this is the worst service station i have ever been to, the food was horrible, the atmosphere was terrible and £1.40 for 2 apples is appauling.

Clare, 23 June 2009

Arrived at these Services about 2200 and everything was being locked up which surprising.There was a sign up saying it was £3 to park overnight but it didnt say where or who to pay and as the Service Station was shut I had a freeby overnight stop.There was just the Fuel Garage open and the site offered little except a parking space.The following morning I went across for a quick wash and found they had a shower facility so made the most of it.The missus went to the 'ladies' but they charge the women to use their showers £1 a go...so us men dip in.Didnt buy anything except a paper, all Service Stations like our Rail system charge mega prices and dont deserve our custom if after years of trading they can't offer a better deal.

codofthenorth, 14 June 2009

Was there a few weeks ago. really nice and clean place. toiletswere lovely and the castle and gatehouse were nice to see. a family run service station beats your welcome brake and little chefs any day. staff were all lovely and welcoming. keep up the good work!!

Lizzie, 23 May 2009

Dropped in one evening in April. Not aware that it closed at 9.30 or whatever but staff nice enough and good food and service.

Ges Brown, 18 May 2009

The calamity crew are quite good.sick note is not to bad.just learnt how to do a propper sausage and egg sarnie right after about eighteen month.text lil knows what we want when she sees the convoy arrive.sams the man he knows his stuff.see ya all soon.

Dean, 6 May 2009

overall a very very friendly and clean place, which caters for all your needs.I found the prices suitable to the quality of the food which was served. Not only this, I found the grounds and gatehouse spectacular, and well worth the look.... well done! see you most def again!

CLAIRE, 2 May 2009

Parking fo HGV £9, you must be havin a laugh. You are approached by a shady looking guy with no ID asking for the parking fee then told the services close at 2200 and re-open at 0630 and that there is no overnight security as you park at your own risk. So what did i actually pay £9 for??

Ian W McConnell, 26 March 2009

Most probably the worst services ever £2.45 for a scone was more expesive than a toastie! aha then I seen why they use a razor blade to cut the cheese and ham

snaik, 4 March 2009

i think these are very friendly services but the prices have just gone too jigh & putting me off eating there, although the food & service is ecellent

lesley tait, 10 February 2009

i go into these services on a regular basis for diesel for my truck there is a burger van on the truck carpark the food is warmed up they fry everything the chips are hard in the middle the so called cooks are just halfwits who cant get a job anywere else these staff have no training they dont wash there hands and the prices are just outright highway robbery you get about 15 chips a fried burger a stale bun and they have the cheek to charge you £3.50 for this portion of food that would not feed a 5 year old so how can they exspect truck drivers to live off this muck and then charge them £9 for a parking space ,,,,,, this is just highway robbery these people want to remember its the truck drivers and reps who pay there wages and i think there should be a potition to have this manager and 80% of staff SACKED from a very pissed off trucker who sick of these kind of services if you traval up 1 juntion you can get a sit down meal in a proper truckers cafe were the prices are reasonable and clean

rikki dean, 11 December 2008

Had two sandwiches, at late lunchtime. both were disgusting had little or no taste badly made and full of unpleasant mayo. Suggest you change your supplier ASAP. Note that the contents info is also incorrect certainly wasn't 50% filling.

Michael J Teasdale-Brown, 28 September 2008

I and my family recently had a very enjoyable meal at Happendon services. We all felt there was a lovely atmosphere and our every whim was catered for. The staff and management alike were fantastic. We will definately be looking forward to our next visit the next time we go to Bonnie scotland.

damon wilson, 13 August 2008


anonymous, 8 August 2008

Had the most vile breakfast ever. Fried eggs had solidified over time under the lights, scrambled egg was more like baked egg with a skin on and the hash browns & fried bread exploded when you put your fork in them. Yuck.

Vicki Worthington, 30 July 2008

VERY poor internet information for service area.

Fiona Webster, 16 June 2008

Sells the most expensive four-finger Kitkat I have ever seen.... £1.30 a go!

lee, 29 October 2007

I totally disagree with the last comment, as I and my entire family (24 of us) had a very lovely experience at Cairn Lodge, (Happendon Services). We found we were very welcomed and the service exceptional, not to mention the exceptional food, very unlike the (fast food experience) you usually get from a motorway services. This motorway services may be a little off the beaten track, but very worth a visit. What can i say, apart from the family value and feel about this place, it also has the beautiful historical aspect of this historical site. Give this one a try, u may find you are pleasently surprised!

thomas bowman, 23 March 2007

don't know why you would want to go there, when you have abington one side and hamilton and bothwell the other side (15 minutes max either way)
it doesn't strike me as being anything other than a glorified petrol station

Andrew, 29 August 2006

we ordered 3 specials on 25-08-2006 and we waited for 30 mins, after two attempts at trying to find out what was taking so long, one of the girls came foward and said there was no rice with the specials, would you like anything else?, no, please bring the chicken so we can get on the road again please, the chicken was cold. NEVER AGAIN WILL WE GO THERE.

brian sandiford, 28 August 2006

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