Motorway Services - every British motorway service area reviewed and rated

Like them or loathe them, most of us end up using motorway service areas at one time or another.

This site aims to catalogue and review all UK service areas, allowing you to be better informed as to which you use in future!

The content of this site is primarily contributed by you, the readers, so if you have any comments on any service areas that you've used recently, then please feel free to let us know.

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Stop24 Services (Folkestone) M20

Hey was at the service station saturday 12th april and think i may have lost my camera either at this service station or the euro tunnel service station it was [...]

Kinross Services M90

Stopped of for a tea break after a long drive at Kinross went in to costa wow what a fantastic place the girls were all great pleasant and very very [...]

Cherwell Valley Services M40

Staff very helpful and friendly. Excellent shops and service. Very good for families and very conditions for disables. Thank you for your work.

Maidstone Services M20

I know it is very expensive to park at Maidstone services, We live 5 mins away and we rent out our drive way, so if you are looking for cheap [...]

Wetherby Services A1(M)

11th April 2014 - We were at the service station when some idiot decided to key my car, after asking a shop owner how to get into touch with security [...]

Lancaster (Forton) Services M6

Have to agree regarding the toilet smell, as posted by others on this site. Very off putting despite all else being o k. I spoke to the duty manager who [...]

Cherwell Valley Services M40

I use these service nus quite often to get my coffee in the morning, but today I realise something diferente soon I was walk in I listen one voice at [...]

Cherwell Valley Services M40

I raised the parking fine with the general manager who accepted that I was a genuine customer (which was why I was so upset at receiving the fine in the [...]

Strensham Services M5

this place is not bad the mcdoandas is nice the bilding is nice

Cherwell Valley Services M40

The place was busy but organised. The Costa is always good here and Cristina was very helpful.

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