Motorway Services - every British motorway service area reviewed and rated

Like them or loathe them, most of us end up using motorway service areas at one time or another.

This site aims to catalogue and review all UK service areas, allowing you to be better informed as to which you use in future!

The content of this site is primarily contributed by you, the readers, so if you have any comments on any service areas that you've used recently, then please feel free to let us know.

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Tamworth Services M42

Visited the services this evening due to running out of driving time.... Parked up paid £21 to receive a £9 meal voucher to find that the services was shut so [...]

Woodall Services M1

I'd like to thank staff at Woodall Services who helped me out of a tight spot with my caravan today - basically I was mislead by a recovery truck driver [...]

Fleet Services M3

Oh dear!!!!!!!stopped at northbound services .as usual. for a great cooked breakfst and fresh pots of tea and coffee,,,and fresh toast.....HORROR the grill area has been replaced with [...]

Charnock Richard Services M6

Welcome Break should be ashamed of their so called 'parking managers' Parking Eye - a company who take full advantage of the monopoly service stations hold on motorway traffic to [...]

Birchanger Green Services M11

Sunday morning i resolve go to papa johns eat pizza with my boyfriend. Great takeaway, probably the best in the area for pizzas (thin crust) and wedges. Amazing [...]

Killington Lake Services M6

This used to be an ok services, pricey, but at least you could get a hone cooked breakfast, now, they refurbished shut the restraunt and opened a chuffing McDonald's, do [...]

Rivington Services M61

Daylight robbery. Fuel 20p a litre more than your everyday station. Won't give any custom again.

Doncaster North Services M18

Moto Doncaster now has EcoTricity Electric Vehicle Chargers and a newly refurbished Travel Lodge

Cherwell Valley Services M40

Dear Mrs. Willott, I've checked the lost property and unfortunately neither your bag or your bible have been handed in. For future reference should you require it the Duty Manager Contact number [...]

Reading Services M4

Myself and mu husband were also approached by this dark haired women. Yet again claiming she had no petrol and husband had left wallet at home. Definate scam!! Please do [...]

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