Motorway Services - every British motorway service area reviewed and rated

Like them or loathe them, most of us end up using motorway service areas at one time or another.

This site aims to catalogue and review all UK service areas, allowing you to be better informed as to which you use in future!

The content of this site is primarily contributed by you, the readers, so if you have any comments on any service areas that you've used recently, then please feel free to let us know.

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Ferrybridge Services M62

Hi Lesley If you could contact me directly I can look into this further - Kind Regards Phil Williams General Manager

Exeter Services M5

Wish i'd believed the bad reviews. Awful services! Baby changing facilities had potential but stank and were dirty. Main Costa area was manned by kids sat on the till area [...]

Ferrybridge Services M62

Could you please be advised Today 17th October 2014, I had the misfortune of slipping on the wet floor in your ladies toilets, there were no hazard signs and the [...]

Maidstone Services M20

I stopped in your services today I was towing a caravan so I followed signs for caravans very clear but when I arrived at designated area it was full but [...]

Reading Services M4

To the lady who left her purse in a cubicle at the services, on the morning of Saturday 11th October London Bound. I have handed it in to the lost [...]

Peterborough Services A1(M)

Worst breakfast I've ever had, ashamed that they call it English breakfast. For £5.50 and did not include hot drink.

Michaelwood Services M5

I called in last night for petrol .My car is a BMW which is lowered for track use but manages to negotiate 99% of the UK without issues . The same [...]

Reading Services M4

We run a facebook group to raise awareness of scam artists in Reading called 'Scam / con artists in Reading' there should be signs up warning people.

Gordano Services M5

Firstly, with regard Parking Eye, and their extortion tactics, check out the Money Saving Expert forum; lots of advice on how to fight these cowboys. There is also a case [...]

Gordano Services M5

Absolutely appalled by so-called 'Welcome' Break. Have visited Gordano services for years, en route to courses/meetings - and now I find I have a bill for £100 for 'overstaying' the [...]

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Cambridge Services
Nothing changed since my last photo except the caravan only writing has been painted so people can see it better !!!!!!!